Rowing's for everyone!Accessibly located in the heart of Strasbourg (Heyritz quarter), the club offers a source of wellbeing through sport for all ages.

  • 1500 m2 of clubhouse and the surrounding grounds welcome a wide pubic including recreational rowers, competitors and those with specific health and fitness goals.
  • A meeting place and focal point of activity in the Heyritz quarter uniting the community around the theme of sport and wellbeing
  • A modern construction which respects the environment and meets the standards of ‘Very High Energy Performance’

The clubhouse is favourably situated on the canal behind the Hôpital Civil de Strasbourg with an address on allée Colette Besson to the south. It is bordered on the east and south by the green spaces of city parkland and family allotment gardens, to the west by the Heyritz gymnasium and from the north it is connected to the hospital grounds by a footbridge that also leads to the city park.


Eco-friendly construction

infrastructures du club

4 change rooms

infrastructures du club

Clubhouse bar

infrastructures du club

3 multi-sports rooms

infrastructures du club

Boat house

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3+ waterways

infrastructures du club

Rowing tank

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Meeting spaces

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Collective classes

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Rowing school

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logo du rowing club

Qualified coaches for all levels including:

  • 2 salaried coaches,
  • and 3 associate coaches, all with state diplomas,
  • 2 educators and numerous initiators (more than 10); volunteers qualified in the FFA programme.


horaires du rowing club

The Rowing Club of Strasbourg is open every day all year round (with the exception of the Christmas and New Year Period.

Bleu foncé Rowing
Bleu clair Indoor training

9H30 - 12H
12H - 14H
18H30 - 20H


inscription au rowing club

Fees include the rowing licence and associated insurance coverage.
Discover rowing at RCS (per person)

  • 10€ one session
  • 60€ one month
  • 120€ three months

Join the club
  • Less than 14 years 148 €
  • 15, 16, 17 or 18 years 225 €
  • From 19 to 23 years 298 €
  • More than 23 years 370 € (+60 € the first year)
  • Couple (2 adults) 609 € (+60 € the first year)
  • Family / (from 3, at least 1 adult) 567 € + licences (+90 € the first year)
For inscriptions after the 31st of December the yearly fee will be prorated to take into account the reduced remaining period.

Benefactor member (does not row)
as a minimum, the price of the licence


plan d'eau du rowing

The location of the club allows access to the main waterways of Strasbourg :

  • The hospital basin, a 500 m stretch of canal ideal for learn to row initiations,
  • The Ill river, a natural green space close to the heart of the city with kilometres to explore,
  • The Rhône to Rhine canal offering a straight course of 2500 m,
  • The Dusuzeau and Vauban basins are also accessible and add many additional kilometres.


histoire du club

A rich history
The Rowing Club of Strasbourg was founded on the 16th of January 1879.

For more than a century the club saw a wealth of achievement and built its future in the clubhouse at 2 rue des Salles. At the beginning of the 20th century that area was sparsely populated and home to the industrial activity of the city. Neighbours included the thermal power station on rue de Molsheim. 125 years later, at the beginning of the 21st century the clubhouse no longer met the needs or norms of the new era and the profile of the neighbourhood had changed.

In 2008, in co-operation with the city of Strasbourg, the decision was taken to build a brand new clubhouse on a new site nearby. During the construction period the rowing club was housed at the ASCPA and on Weiler Island. The new clubhouse in the Heyritz quarter was put into action in January 2013 at 9 allée Colette Besson, to carry the Rowing Club of Strasbourg, with its proud history, on into the future.