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Decouverte du Rowing Club Strasbourg

Rowing is a sport that offers many satisfying sensations; speed, gliding, power and drive and inspires lifelong passion. It also provides a breath of fresh air with a direct contact with the outdoors. It has many benefits for practitioners of all ages. Rowing is a complete activity that combines :

Practicing rowing can improve general motor and coordination skills. The outdoor element promotes contact with the environment and the different facets of the sport help with personal development and team-working skills.

Rowing is good for your health!
Regular rowing activity can help to improve heart and aerobic fitness and improve your capacity for different activities whether it is for high level performance or just running to catch the bus or climbing the stairs.

Rowing is good for your moral!
Like all sports activities….but with the advantage that it takes place in a pleasant outdoor environment and can be adapted to solo or group settings.


Stage à Bellecin

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